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Reduce Stress

Are you out of energy all the time? Do you find yourself irritable and angry? Do you feel sad or depressed? Do you suffer from panic or anxiety? Do you find it difficult to sleep?

These are all symptoms of stress. Hypnosis will help you reduce negative stress from your life...resulting in a more balanced and happier life.

We are all under a lot of can learn techniques manage stress. A few minutes of relaxation with self-hypnosis can make you a winner over stress. 

Many people try but find that the avoidance strategies frequently generate more stress rather than reducing it. If you drink alcohol, eat shop or take drugs to avoid stress you'll end up worse off in the long run.

The perfect antidote to stress is relaxation

Stress causes the brain waves to increase, which causes a chain reaction of events to cascade in the body. A few of the changes that take place in the body when we experience stress are higher blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, tense muscles, rapid and shallow respiration, and decreased immune function.

When you are stressed it's as though your brain is preparing your body to fight or run away…and it is!

The stressors faced by humans conditioned to a nomadic hunter-gather lifestyle are obviously different to the high-tech lifestyle of today. Our distant ancestors needed responses to stress that would enable them to trigger physical flight or fight responses to danger.

These types of responses are inappropriate today. If cannot physically run away from your workplace whenever things got bad. And you cannot punch one of your co-workers on the nose when he/she gives you a tough time.

Stress causes strain on your immune system and that can lead to illness and disease. Many doctors report that up to 90% of people in hospitals are there because of stress…including many types of cancer and heart disease.

When we are in the Alpha State the brain waves slow down to 6 to 8 cycles per second. When that happens we are perfectly relaxed! Everything that happens to the body is the opposite of what happens when we are stressed.

In the Alpha State the blood vessels dilate, so the blood pressure goes down. The breathing is slow and deep. The heart rate slows down. The muscles completely relax. In the Alpha State the immune system speeds up…so Alpha is a healing state.

It gives your mind and body the ability to effectively deal with stressful events when they do occur. It makes you stronger physically and mentally.

The total relaxation that accompanies hypnosis is a buffer that dissipates the harmful effects of stress…so that you can thrive in spite of the problems and changes life throws at you.