"Peaceful Face!" - Facial Tics

Hypnosis Program Review by Taihra Modine

Peaceful Face! is a 6 session hypnotherapy program created by Alan B. Densky to eliminate facial tics. This 2 CD set includes NLP techniques that help relieve stress and reduce facial twitches. The program is further divided into chapters for easy access to specific parts.

In the first session, Alan explains how the program works, and goes through the techniques used in each session. Understanding what to expect is one thing that helps make this program work. You will receive a solid introduction to hypnosis and learn how stress can trigger facial tics. The instructions are detailed without being overwhelming, but you will need to be patient and listen. 

The introduction is followed by the first hypnosis inducing session. From what I have read on hypnosis, I knew that it was supposed to help me relax, but I did not realize how helpful it would be just to de-stress. Being hypnotized gives you a deep sense of relaxation as well as a positive feeling. This gets you ready for the next stages of the program which use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. 

The next session features an NLP technique called the "Flash" that is used to automatically provide stress and anxiety relief in everyday life. This session programs your unconscious mind to use stressful thoughts as triggers for relaxing thoughts. This automatically reduces stress and anxiety. I have noticed a big decrease in my stress levels which I believe has been due to this NLP technique. Plus I rarely experience stress-induced facial twitches anymore.

Session 4 uses Ericksonian metaphors and the NLP Anchoring technique to specifically prevent you from having facial tics. The metaphors are designed to communicate with your unconscious mind in a way that does not cause the conscious mind to become analytical, which typically creates a mental block. You will fall deeper into the hypnotized state so the NLP Anchoring of a disassociated state can work better. Disassociation is where you subjectively sort of step outside of yourself and become disconnected for a few moments.

In this case, the NLP Anchoring works so that whenever you are about to have a facial tic episode, your small toe will push down to unconsciously disrupt twitches and tics. This works because the action of your toe pressing down gets triggers a dissociated state and you simply disconnect from the compulsion to tic. It has worked nearly every single time for me and I hardly ever notice when it is happening!

The next session is geared towards something called "Process instructions". Process instructions is where the hypnotherapist instructs your unconscious mind to take learning experiences from your past and apply that experience to eliminate your present problems. You just sit back and relax while the program does its work. This session smoothly transitions into the next, final session. 

I especially like final session because it teaches you how to use "self-hypnosis" techniques for when you don't have time to listen to the CDs. The techniques are simple tools to help you cope with stress and avoid having stress-induced facial tics. It is perfect for when you are at work or anywhere else you cannot readily access the CDs.

One thing I personally love about the CDs is that they are convenient to use. You can listen to them whenever you feel like it. It is nice not to have to visit a doctor or a specialist over and over again for help. I have come to look forward to getting home after work and listening to the CDs. It has become my little ritual to create deep relaxation. 

Earlier, my doctor had suggested medication for my tic, but I didn't want to go on pills for a condition that was mostly harmless. Using this program has been very helpful. My annoying facial tic used to show up whenever I felt stressed out or embarrassed. Since I have begun using the hypnosis program and NLP techniques, I no longer struggle with uncontrollable episodes of facial tics. I used to get a full-on "twitch attack" several times a week, now it has become a very rare event!

So far, I have been using the program for a few months with good results. I would recommend anyone suffering from facial tics to go ahead and give it a try. The program doesn't just treat the tics, but it goes to the root of the problem by treating your anxiety and helping you relax. It is convenient and easy to use. Plus, it feels just like I visited Alan B. Densky in person for hypnotherapy sessions! The results are great and it feels like a natural solution for a condition I never thought possible to control.

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