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MP3- Hypno-Motivation

Is lack of energy, drive and motivation causing you to feel
"stuck" , or maybe its procrastination, or maybe
it's all of the above?
You already know that nothing is going to change
unless YOU do something about it.

If you suffer from lack of motivation and just don't feel like doing anything.
This hypnosis MP3 recording is your chance to break this pattern.
The beneficial suggestions will bring positive change in the way
you view yourself and the way you interact with others, to help you achieve
the life that you know you want.
If you find yourself  procrastinating and want to achieve more. Using powerful hypnotic suggestions will relax you and help you to be more decisive. You will find yourself
undertaking tasks and challenges with more motivation, focus, and energy.

BUY NOW: 17,77$



This session is designed especially to effortlessly bypass your
critical mind and your lower self image. As you enter into a positive
trance state of mind, the recording takes you through a journey within
the subconscious mind to where you are free to experience and maintain
your Higher Self Image.Boost your self confidence and start living the life
you want with help from this self hypnosis CD.
Imagine how different your whole life would be if you were fully self confident.
If you didn't hold yourself back and simply had the self confidence to pursue
the things you really want in life and live your life the way you want to.
Imagine how this level of freedom would feel inside, and the things you would
be able to achieve. Confidence is just a state of mind.

BUY NOW: 12,77$



Are you out of energy all the time?
Do you feel under pressure?
Do you find yourself irritable and angry?
Do you feel sad or depressed?
Do you suffer from panic or anxiety?
Do you find it difficult to fall asleep?

These are all symptoms of stress. Daily practice with self-hypnosis
will help you reduce negative stress from your life...resulting in a more
balanced and happier life.

Within a few minutes of listening to this self-hypnosis Cd you should feel
your worries melting away and relief from the issues which were stressing you out.
Stress does nothing to help any situation, so with your new calm mind you will be
able to rationally think about your issues and find a better solution.

You can use this recording every day to help you unwind from a busy day.
You can use it when stress is really getting to you. Or you can use it to simply help
you calm your mind before you sleep.

BUY NOW: 12,77$




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MP3- Hypno De-stress: worth 12,77$

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