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Stop smoking now!


You Can Stop!

No matter how much you smoke...or how long you've been can stop smoking without anxiety, irritability, cravings or weight gain.

Betty Reis has helped smokers quit their smoking habits with private hypnotherapy sessions for over 15 years. Her method is safe and effective. It has helped hundreds of smokers from ages 16 to 75 throw away their cigarettes and become non-smokers.

What makes this method so different?

Betty Reis is an expert in smoking cessation. She has studied and worked with smokers for over 15 years. She knows smokers.

What makes her method so successful is that it addresses the three parts of smoking: the psychological habit, the physical addiction, and the Habit Control …all of the components associated with smoking.

You have TRIED to stop smoking, haven’t you? Perhaps you have TRIED the “nicotine patches”, the “nicotine gum” or the pills.

When you TRIED to quit didn’t it feel like there was a battle going on inside of you?

One part of you…KNOWS you should stop smoking FOR YOUR HEALTH & SURVIVAL…while another part of you...simply won’t let you!

Because the subconscious is stronger than the conscious you felt like a battle was rampant inside of you. Perhaps you felt anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, a feeling being out of control. Perhaps you began to eat everything in sight. Because those feelings were so uncomfortable you went back to smoking.

The part of you that wouldn't let you stop smoking is your subconscious mind. You can’t change your subconscious by force of will. You need help.

Hypnosis creates a powerful reaction in the subconscious mind. Hypnotic suggestions modify your subconscious programming…making it easy for anyone to stop smoking.

The Habit Control Suggestions go right to the heart of the smoking habit.

The Habit Control Suggestions help you break your habit of smoking…so you don’t even think about smoking when you are having a cup of coffee, taking a break, talking on the phone, driving your car, after a meal…and during all the other routine times when you smoke automatically.

The Habit Control Suggestions break the mental connection between the behaviours and smoking…so you WILL NOT EVEN THINK about smoking.

Hypnosis diminishes the power that nicotine has to make you want to smoke.

Hypnosis makes you comfortable…helps eliminate the cravings…and smoothes the rough emotional edges…and helps you quit without gaining weight or feeling anxious.

The Self-Image Control Suggestions change a smoker’s self-image on a core level. You’ll no longer think of yourself as a smoker…you’ll start to think of yourself as a non-smoker. Non-smokers don’t touch cigarettes. They don’t want anything to do with smoking.

This program works for cigarettes, cigars and marijuana… and is effective for both women and men.