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Control pain with hypnosis

Today more and more people suffering with chronic pain are turning to hypnosis. Hypnosis, along with medical treatment, has several advantages in pain management. Hypnosis requires no drugs. It has no harmful side effects. It is not addicting.

Of course, you should have your condition diagnosed by a qualified physician before using hypnosis to control your pain.

Hypnosis produces deep relaxation that can help relieve pain.

Some painful conditions, such as headaches, or back and neck pain are often aggravated by stress and can be eased by relaxation alone. Even those conditions that are not directly stress related can often be helped with hypnosis.

Pain from arthritis - migraines - injury - and other conditions...can be reduced by hypnosis. Of course, it takes repetition...and the more you use it the better it works for you. You can't expect to be hypnotized once and have your back pain disappear for the rest of your life. But with practice you can achieve remarkable results.